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shift from broken to breathtaking book

To make the Shift from Broken to Breathtaking you have to look in the mirror and learn how to love every imperfection in your life—because each one has a purpose. Each imperfection has treasure hidden beneath the surface, if you don’t let what happens to you break you, but instead, let it break open what is in you. It took many years for me to learn this lesson. As you read my story you will know that no matter what you are going through there is always hope for tomorrow. Your heart, mind and soul will begin to shift as you see things that once broke me turn into breathtaking victories. At the end of each chapter, I challenge you to think about the “imperfections” I share in my story and “look in the mirror” at your own. Take every challenge, and I promise you that by the time you finish reading Shift from Broken to Breathtaking, you will understand how the imperfections in your life can make you, not break you, because each one gives you power to become everything you were created to be.


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shift from broken to breathtaking book"​​​Every time you accept and overcome a broken area of your life, you get  stronger. You go from broken to breathtaking." ~Monica Y. Johnson
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