Reclaim You
Enlighten + Empower + Engage

Enlighten + Empower + Engage

Moncia Enlightened to Ignited Coaching
I am glad you have decided to collaborate with me. My clients rely on me for my dynamic, one on one personal and customized expertise in Educational Consulting, Corporate Consulting, and Life Coaching Consulting. My services have included events ranging from educational, speaking at colleges, workshops, symposiums, churches, and corporate environments to retreats; serving as keynote speaker, panelist, curriculum programs, and breakout session facilitator.

Empowered Consulting
I am committed to assisting girls and woman through the different phases of life, education, leadership, and career development. I take pride in developing a program which bridges the gaps between potential, purpose, and dreams while being excited and overjoyed with fun. Whether you are dealing with issues as abandonment, rejection, emotional and sexual abuse, peer pressure, social media pressures, expectations, leadership career choices, family, marriage, life choices, and self-esteem, I meet the needs of my clients by providing personal and educational development.

Engaged Professional Development
I am committed to helping you, and your company enhance leadership skills, promote individual development, and help grow the capacity of your team and organization.  My professional development is about individual planning, goal setting, and achievement in the context of leadership performance. I focus on personal discovery and enlightenment, interpersonal and communication skills that will enable you and your workers to become problem solvers who will function as a unit.

Authentically You Coaching
I provide a holistic service that focuses on the three core areas of the human condition: physical, mental, and professional. I give the clients new perspectives while tackling a broad range of life’s issues: mental, emotional, rational, subconscious, conscious, physical, and professional. Whether you are experiencing a mid-life crisis, struggling marriage, personal or career burnout, anxiety, frustration, discouragement or anything in between, I can help you regain a sense of momentum and control over your life.

Excited you have decided to take the Reclaim You experience with me!

She often receives positive feedback from TGIS events, empowerment conferences for women, as well as corporate speaking engagements. For example:

  •  “I attended for the first time today and I must say this is the best Women/Girl conference I have ever been to. The subject matters were real and the people were transparent taking off all the mask and revealing everything beneath the surface so we can heal and help someone else. We laughed, we cried, and we celebrated the beauty that is us. Thank you for reminding me of my purpose Monica and thank you, Cynthia, for inviting me!” — Patrice Foreman
  • “My sister and I attended with our girls today!!! What an experience in THE Holy Spirit of our God and Savior!!! Everyone was so open and transparent, hearts and minds are transformed in Him! The girls experienced fellowship like never before!!! Much love shared!”— Paige Rowell
  • “I did not have the pleasure of working with you last year when you spoke at the Women’s Leadership Conference, however, I see you scored a perfect 5 rating which we don’t see often. As I’m working to create the agenda for 2019, I am entertaining the idea of a repeat performance… You truly WOW’d our attendees.” – TG

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shift from broken to breathtaking book"​​​Every time you accept and overcome a broken area of your life, you get  stronger. You go from broken to breathtaking." ~Monica Y. Johnson
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