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IMG 1545"​​​Every time you accept and overcome a broken area of your life, you get  stronger. You go from broken to breathtaking." ~Monica Y. Johnson
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dont let what happen to you

Who is Monica Johnson

about monica johnson pciturexMonica is an author, life coach, TED Talk Presenter, minister, and a business managerial professional with over twenty-five years of experience in cost, taxation, and operational management with a Fortune 100 company.

A skilled and credentialed entrepreneur and sought-after speaker, Monica frequently speaks throughout the United States and internationally. She is widely known for her contribution to Epitome Magazine, which is published by her husband, Todrick Johnson, under the segment: Word of Wisdom with ONEWORD.

Monica is a graduate of the University of North Texas and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dallas, and a Master of Theological Studies from Dallas Baptist University.

She uses her engaging personality, her contagious energy and her experiences as a professional and personal coach to spur people to action, conquer their problems, pursue their dreams, and find their own sparkle and shine. She speaks the truth in love without holding anything back. Monica empowers others — especially women — to search within and discover how to reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally. After a session with Monica, they left motivated and inspired to be engaged, entrenched, empowered and SMART!

Monica's experiences in the corporate world helped her develop a better understanding of her gifts and talents; she embarked upon helping others change their lives for the better. This also inspired Monica to write her first book “Shift from Broken to Breathtaking — Don’t Let What Happens to You Break You. Let it Break Open What is in You’, which is available now.

Monica is Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Monica Johnson Enterprises LLC, which includes the brands That Girl is S.M.A.R.T., Publishing House, Reclaim You for women, and OneWordMovement Charities, a nonprofit organization for mentoring young girls. She achieves all of this while being a wife and mother of two. Monica and her family reside in Frisco, Texas. Racquel, and Tyler. 

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Author. Advocate. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Life Coach. Mother. Wife. Ignite girls & women to #Shift from Broken to living a Breathtaking Life. #ThatGirlisSMART

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One Word Movement

One Word Movement

OneWordMovement Inc. purpose is to change lives by empowering individuals to be ignited, informed, and inspired with integrity for a lasting impact.

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That Girl is S.M.A.R.T.

That Girl is S.M.A.R.T.

That Girl is S.M.A.R.T. provides life coaching and mentoring to females over the age of six who want or need to learn how to love themselves.

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shift from broken to breathtaking book"​​​Every time you accept and overcome a broken area of your life, you get  stronger. You go from broken to breathtaking." ~Monica Y. Johnson
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